Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Poem About Nature

Here's another poem from my 13 year old son. It's a project for English subject.

Poem About Nature

Nature is our friend,
A gift from God.
We should learn to take care of it,
Or we’ll make God worried.

Nature gives us life,
Let’s appreciate its beauty.
Let’s open our eyes,
And see nature’s beauty.

Nature is serene,
It is peaceful as it's seen.
Nature is in place,
It is always with grace.

Nature is at a critical state,
We must restore its natural beauty.
Because if we don’t, we may not live.
We should take care of it before it’s too late!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Poem: Success

Here's another poem written by my youngest son (now a teenager - 13 years old) as a project for English Year 7. Hope it gives some inspiration to all. Enjoy.

Success is not merely becoming wealthy,
Success is not only staying quite healthy,
Success is working for happiness of the world, a dedication.
Success is to love everyone without expectation.

When you enter this world you’re given one chance,
To go for your goal so your success will enhance.
If you have a dream of success that involves a mission,
Forget those who disagree, go achieve your ambition!

When you want to succeed and you see you’re in a mess,
Just try hardest for yourself and not to impress!
Don’t give up and don’t try to be a cheater,
And sooner or later success will be much sweeter.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Golden Spear - Part 4

Chapter 4 After mat

A year have passed since it happened, Kin now going out with Jenny, visits Drake in his father’s lab offering his father the chance to test there invention called biolimbs which is a mechanical like body part but runs like a human body part.

Since Matt died Kin has become a better person. He is wiser, stronger and smarter and has gained people’s respect. Jenny has become an amateur singer and works part time as a model. Drake has become a scientist after graduating at the age of 16.


A person has found a mysterious spear that fell from the sky. The spear has an inscription saying
Beware you must face an incredible challenge when the spear finds you


Nobody besides Kin knows his real name, because of his past, that remains a mystery.

Monday, October 19, 2009

The Golden Spear - Part 3

Chapter 3 The Conspiracy

Kin arrived on sight with Keldo seeing Jenny (in a cage), Dr. Black, an army of zombie and a monster, then Kin then paused at Jenny, now fueled with rage. Kin asked Keldo enraged: “How do you summon the guardians?” Keldo in turn said: “Smash the spear to the ground and the 3 other guardians will appear and I will transform into my true form.”

Kin did as Keldo said, Keldo transformed into a faerie warrior with one black wing and the other white then a Dragon with lightning coming from it’s horn and flaming wings appeared followed by a Lion made of stone and wind and a Wolf of crystal. Kin ordered: “Save the girl and kill those monsters!”

Kin’s guardians attacked the zombies clearing a path for him towards Jenny and the monster. Kin fought the monster forcing it to turn to his normal form, which is none other than Matt Black, the son of doctor Black. Matt said, “My father turned me into the monster and gave me powers and to prove that I will kill you.“ Kin replied: “Very well, die Matt.” Kin stabbed Matt but Matt just turned into a giant inhuman monster and knocked of his helmet revealing his identity. Matt said: “Who lent you the suit geek?!?! Die!” “Master!”, yelled the guardians and Keldo saying “Merge with us to turn into the ancient warrior.”

Kin turned into a warrior that is so divine then he clashed with Matt. While Dr. Black was about to unleash a beam towards the two, a laser shot was fired and then Den in a mechanical battle suit appeared saying: “Stay away from my friend!” Vaporizing Dr. Black while he was saying: “Get them, my minions.” The battle was very difficult for Kin and Den considering they’re out numbered. Den, after decimating the army of zombies tried to help Kin but, getting knocked out and getting his right leg torn off. Jenny, still in the cage watched as Kin and Matt battled. Kin suddenly lost his armor giving Matt the chance to kill Kin.

Time grew slow for Kin as he was helplessly letting himself get beaten. He taught: “Is this how I die? Failing in battle?”, but a part of him kept saying “No, it can’t end like this!” Kin, with all of his remaining energy, used one last attack unleashing a giant surge of energy coming from the spear. Kin aimed it towards Matt killing him, in the process an explosion had been made. Smoke covered the area. Jenny finally freed from the cage by police officers, the smoke cleared revealing Kin holding the spear. Kin then opened a wormhole that leads toward the void he threw the spear in the void so it may never be seen again.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Where and How to Send Donations for the Victims of Typhoon Ondoy

For Filipinos or friends of Filipinos abroad who would like to help the victims of tropical storm, ‘Ondoy’ (Ketsana) we are reposting this list of donations centers from Bianca Gonzales' blog

for those in AUSTRALIA:

- SYDNEY - you can deliver relief goods to 303/5 Stromboli Strait, Homebush Bay 2127. you can also contact through twitter at @allorange if you want to arrange for a pick up in the city

- MELBOURNE - if you are in the Melbourne CBD area, you can drop relief goods through Coco Quizon’s residence @ 8 Vale St., North Melbourne. You can contact him at 0458603723. You can also send goods or material relief over to Cristina at LBC Australia at Unit 5, 64-66 Rebecca Drive, Ravenhall VIC, with contact number 03 8390 6917.

for those based in BELGIUM:

- from @SayChiz, they can contact Shiera Catalan at +32485328811 if they want to donate goods for typhoon relief

for those in CANADA:

- TORONTO - pinoys are spearheading efforts to help, visit
this website for details.

- WINNIPEG - the Philippine Community Centre of Manitoba here in Winnipeg Canada started to raise money for the victims today

for those in the MIDDLE EAST:

- QATAR - you may contact Mr. Delfin Montenegro/Ms.Chat-5203417 for donations/relief goods

- UAE - please get in touch with Pres. Jo,050-7456452, josepha@perceptgulffz.com for Lingap Kapwa-Ondoy victims. And you can also call Arnold of LBC for free LBC box 0508589065 via UP Alumni Asso.

- DUBAI - you can send clothes and relief goods thru this website.

- BAHRAIN - Drop your relief goods at Filipino Club office (next to British Embassy), accepting donations everyday. Call Eddie at 39044620 to assist you. You can also drop donations everyday at Forex Cargo office, with contact person Jasmin at

for those in SINGAPORE:

- dropoff for relief goods is @airfreight lucky plaza #03-09. can call 62351011, they are open up to 7pm.

- pinoys are mobilizing and gathering donations, visit this forum for more details.

for those in the UK:

- you can donate through OXFAM on their official website.

for anyone in the UNITED STATES:

- you can call the ABS-CBN US Helpline at 1-800-5272820 to know how you can help

- HAWAII - Consul Paul Raymund C. Cortes will be on hand to assist in providing necessary info. Contact (808) 595 6316 – to 19, extn, 237. More details on this official website.

- LOS ANGELES - Manila Forwarder Headquarters 4249 Eagle Rock Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90065, or you may also contact Kuu Hilo at (818)395-9207.

- NEW JERSEY - NJ drop off at two places! Sinugba Cafe at 561 Westside Ave. Jersey City, NJ 07304 or Casa Victoria at 691 Newark Ave. Jersey City, NJ 07306-2803. Contact persons are Yves Nibungco at (201)621-3156, or Nick Cordero at (917)476-7855

- NEW YORK - NYC Disaster Relief drop off center @Pandayan Center 406 W40th St. Between 9th and 10th Aves. NY, NY 10018 or 212.564.6057.

- SAN FRANCISCO - 5750 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA 94112 For details call 510-750-3036, 209-3499576, 415-239-9576, and also, MANILA BOX USA is now accepting donations and will provide FREE shipping to Manila. 361 Beach Road Burlingame , CA 94010 or call (650)342-2858.

for those in OTHER PARTS OF THE WORLD who wanna help:

- you can donate through the paypal account link on this site.

- the official website of the PHILIPPINE RED CROSS has a complete listing of how you can donate to them.

- the ayala foundation is also accepting your donations through their website.

- you can donate through the kapuso foundation site.

- you can use your credit card to donate via the the abs-cbn foundation.

- donate rice through the UN's World Food Programme through their official website.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Golden Spear - Part 2

Chapter 2 Discovery

2:30p.m (Club Period) Kin arrived at the clubroom after loosing the mob that was following him. Kin said: “Den, explain why I’m in armor and what is this spear.” Then, Den appeared and said: “I have no idea why you’re in armor but the spear is called the spear of ancients made by the ancients said to come from a different dimension or planet. They give it to the first person who pass their test of survival.” Kin replied: “What is this test?” Den replied: “It was to ensure the future of a planet. You see, the ancients destroy planets if the champions of that planet fail the test. That’s only if there is life on the planet. If there is none, they live it alone.” Kin asked: “How exactly do they choose the champions? Why do they destroy planets? And what do they do in the test?” Den answered: “They use a device that brings champions from 2000 years of its existence. If they survive the test, nobody but them knows why they destroy the planets. They have to survive, being hunt down for a time period.” Then a mysterious voice was heard saying: “Actually they we’re hunted down for 30 days in a multi terrain arena planet with weapons and supplies scattered all over the place and they have nothing but 2 weapons of choice and 7 days of supplies. Why so shocked? Oh, my name is Keldo the faerie guardian of the spear. One more thing, to take the armor off, think of it and the spear will turn into a necklace.” (Bell ringing) Den replied, “Do that Kin and let’s go to my lab.”

4:00p.m (Den’s Lab) Kin ponders on what just happened, while Den listens to the police radio, with Keldo suddenly hearing an emergency on the police radio saying
Crazy mad scientist ….. lasers …. Zombies …. Monsters ……. Hostage ….. officer down …… need backup
“Kin!”, Keldo called and said: “Kin, you must help them. They need your help.” Kin thought then remembered how he lost his father and then he transformed. Keldo said: “Kin teleport there.” Kin replied: “Okay, any other abilities I should know about?” Keldo in turn replied: “Yes, you can shape shift, fly, control elements, use 6th sense, summon the other guardians of the spear, use super strength and have mastery of the art of the spear.” Den spoke: “Kin hear an ear com. I’ll get there I just need a few things in my storage.”

I see now why the spear chose me. The spear chose me because of my past, my present and my future.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Golden Spear - a short story

The Golden Spear is a four part short story written by my eldest son when he was 13 1/2 years old. It is one of their projects in English 8. My son really has a creative and imaginative mind. I really enjoyed reading it. I'm so proud of him. Hope you like it too!

Chapter 1 Awakening

(Alarm clock rings) Kenny Iris Nitro, Kin for short, awoke to the sight of his room. He looked to the right to see the time, which would be 7:35 am. Kin spoke very panicking: “I got to get dressed or I’m going to be late again”. He quickly went to his dresser to get his clothes. Went to the dinning room and got a piece of bread. Then got his bag, stuffed his mouth with the bread and sped towards his school.

At school time, 7:59 am, Kin’s school life was like any typical person full of problems, which now brings us to his first problem, a beating from matt the school’s quarterback, followed by him taking his lunch money. Which now brings us to his second problem, his crazy friend Drake (nicknamed: Den). Drake spoke: “Hey Kin, when are you going to pay me my $50 or do an errand for my club?” Kin replied: “I’ll take the errand and what club you need. 4 people for a club and there’s, let me guess, you hacked my name in the club”. Which now brings us to the 3rd problem. Kin’s biggest, to be exact, his crush and best friend Jenny failed since his recent discovery of her boyfriend being Matt, the guy that takes his money and beats him up. Now we go to his 4th and final problem, school, Kin was never the smart one even if his IQ is 156. Now, Kin gave up and just sleeps in classes, which unfortunately gets him detention, Teacher said: “Mr. Nitro, detention.”

Time of day, 12:30 am (Free Period) Kin’s point of view.
I dashed towards the mythic clubroom, which lead me crashing towards Jenny while she was going towards her locker carrying her books. I said: “Sorry Jenny. Here let me help you pick that up.” Kin did just that, accidentally touching her hand. After that, he dashed towards the clubroom again. I said: “Hey Den where is the room again?” Den replied: “Under the boiler room. Here’s a map and wear the suit.” I said: ‘No, not now not tomorrow not ever again.” Den said: “Not that one that was a prototype. You’re not going to get electrified again now. I tested this on myself, it works.” Den said: “Do I look like I’m not a person with an IQ of 300?” I said: “Yes, you look like a nut case but what the heck I’ll do it.” I followed the map while wearing the tight suit. I found the door with an inscription stating
Only the one chosen by the spear may open the door that will unleash the power of the ancient ones I tried to open the door by pushing and sliding it then I gave up until I noticed it was a pull door. I saw the spear after opening the door. It flew into my hands and gave me this golden suit of armor. Then there I heard gunshots. I got back up to the hallways to see criminals with shotguns, assault rifles and a bazooka. One of them even saw me and said, “You freak!” (said while grabbing someone which was Jenny) “Get away or I kill her.” I growled and charged at him, knocked him and his buddies out and saved Jenny. Jenny said: “Thank you golden spearman!”, giving me a kiss on the cheek. Then goes away. I said to myself: “Den, you got some explaining to do.”

To be continued...