Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Poem: Success

Here's another poem written by my youngest son (now a teenager - 13 years old) as a project for English Year 7. Hope it gives some inspiration to all. Enjoy.

Success is not merely becoming wealthy,
Success is not only staying quite healthy,
Success is working for happiness of the world, a dedication.
Success is to love everyone without expectation.

When you enter this world you’re given one chance,
To go for your goal so your success will enhance.
If you have a dream of success that involves a mission,
Forget those who disagree, go achieve your ambition!

When you want to succeed and you see you’re in a mess,
Just try hardest for yourself and not to impress!
Don’t give up and don’t try to be a cheater,
And sooner or later success will be much sweeter.

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