Monday, October 19, 2009

The Golden Spear - Part 3

Chapter 3 The Conspiracy

Kin arrived on sight with Keldo seeing Jenny (in a cage), Dr. Black, an army of zombie and a monster, then Kin then paused at Jenny, now fueled with rage. Kin asked Keldo enraged: “How do you summon the guardians?” Keldo in turn said: “Smash the spear to the ground and the 3 other guardians will appear and I will transform into my true form.”

Kin did as Keldo said, Keldo transformed into a faerie warrior with one black wing and the other white then a Dragon with lightning coming from it’s horn and flaming wings appeared followed by a Lion made of stone and wind and a Wolf of crystal. Kin ordered: “Save the girl and kill those monsters!”

Kin’s guardians attacked the zombies clearing a path for him towards Jenny and the monster. Kin fought the monster forcing it to turn to his normal form, which is none other than Matt Black, the son of doctor Black. Matt said, “My father turned me into the monster and gave me powers and to prove that I will kill you.“ Kin replied: “Very well, die Matt.” Kin stabbed Matt but Matt just turned into a giant inhuman monster and knocked of his helmet revealing his identity. Matt said: “Who lent you the suit geek?!?! Die!” “Master!”, yelled the guardians and Keldo saying “Merge with us to turn into the ancient warrior.”

Kin turned into a warrior that is so divine then he clashed with Matt. While Dr. Black was about to unleash a beam towards the two, a laser shot was fired and then Den in a mechanical battle suit appeared saying: “Stay away from my friend!” Vaporizing Dr. Black while he was saying: “Get them, my minions.” The battle was very difficult for Kin and Den considering they’re out numbered. Den, after decimating the army of zombies tried to help Kin but, getting knocked out and getting his right leg torn off. Jenny, still in the cage watched as Kin and Matt battled. Kin suddenly lost his armor giving Matt the chance to kill Kin.

Time grew slow for Kin as he was helplessly letting himself get beaten. He taught: “Is this how I die? Failing in battle?”, but a part of him kept saying “No, it can’t end like this!” Kin, with all of his remaining energy, used one last attack unleashing a giant surge of energy coming from the spear. Kin aimed it towards Matt killing him, in the process an explosion had been made. Smoke covered the area. Jenny finally freed from the cage by police officers, the smoke cleared revealing Kin holding the spear. Kin then opened a wormhole that leads toward the void he threw the spear in the void so it may never be seen again.

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