Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Golden Spear - Part 2

Chapter 2 Discovery

2:30p.m (Club Period) Kin arrived at the clubroom after loosing the mob that was following him. Kin said: “Den, explain why I’m in armor and what is this spear.” Then, Den appeared and said: “I have no idea why you’re in armor but the spear is called the spear of ancients made by the ancients said to come from a different dimension or planet. They give it to the first person who pass their test of survival.” Kin replied: “What is this test?” Den replied: “It was to ensure the future of a planet. You see, the ancients destroy planets if the champions of that planet fail the test. That’s only if there is life on the planet. If there is none, they live it alone.” Kin asked: “How exactly do they choose the champions? Why do they destroy planets? And what do they do in the test?” Den answered: “They use a device that brings champions from 2000 years of its existence. If they survive the test, nobody but them knows why they destroy the planets. They have to survive, being hunt down for a time period.” Then a mysterious voice was heard saying: “Actually they we’re hunted down for 30 days in a multi terrain arena planet with weapons and supplies scattered all over the place and they have nothing but 2 weapons of choice and 7 days of supplies. Why so shocked? Oh, my name is Keldo the faerie guardian of the spear. One more thing, to take the armor off, think of it and the spear will turn into a necklace.” (Bell ringing) Den replied, “Do that Kin and let’s go to my lab.”

4:00p.m (Den’s Lab) Kin ponders on what just happened, while Den listens to the police radio, with Keldo suddenly hearing an emergency on the police radio saying
Crazy mad scientist ….. lasers …. Zombies …. Monsters ……. Hostage ….. officer down …… need backup
“Kin!”, Keldo called and said: “Kin, you must help them. They need your help.” Kin thought then remembered how he lost his father and then he transformed. Keldo said: “Kin teleport there.” Kin replied: “Okay, any other abilities I should know about?” Keldo in turn replied: “Yes, you can shape shift, fly, control elements, use 6th sense, summon the other guardians of the spear, use super strength and have mastery of the art of the spear.” Den spoke: “Kin hear an ear com. I’ll get there I just need a few things in my storage.”

I see now why the spear chose me. The spear chose me because of my past, my present and my future.

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